Derivatives Team

Our expertise in market timing for single stocks as well as indices makes it ideal to incorporate derivative strategies from a content, advisory and execution perspective. The Derivatives Team provides derivative single-stock trade ideas as well as ETF trade ideas that utilize the O’Neil Methodology to help generate alpha and provide portfolio optimization opportunities. The team engages with clients on all aspects of derivative strategies including hedging opportunities, stock replacement strategies and vol capture trades across various investment styles such as long only, long short, macro, systematic, and special situations.

 How are we able to boost your portfolio performance with derivatives?

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“Our aim is uncomplicated, we collaborate with our clients to assist them in generating outsized returns, there is no banking interest, no prop book we are trading against, and no product hierarchy.” – Van Wilshire, Managing Director, Derivatives Sales


O’Neil market timing methodology strongly aligns with derivative strategies as we strive to identify key inflection points, which provide an excellent entry point for single stocks, indices, and ETFs.


Our Broker/Dealer affiliate, William O’Neil Securities’ Derivative Traders have over 25 years experience on the buyside and sellside. “We will own the order alongside you and stay in contact throughout the duration of your holdings to assist in strategizing for maximum gains.” – David Bauer, Managing Director, Derivatives Trader