Our 60-Year Heritage William O’Neil + Company was founded in 1963 by legendary investor William J. O’Neil. More than five decades later, we are still using his unique methodology to uncover the market’s best stocks.

“We don’t believe in arguing with the reality of the marketplace.”

A New Era of Investing

The 1960s gave birth to the Go-Go Years on Wall Street, a significant cultural shift that coincided with the early success of William J. O’Neil, an outstanding young trader at securities firm Hayden, Stone & Co. who had developed his own signature style of stock analysis. While many investors were relying on P/E ratio as a key stock screening metric, O’Neil studied historical models of winning stocks and developed a proprietary trading methodology that blends quantitative and qualitative analysis—the method we still use today.

O’Neil founds William O’Neil + Company, Incorporated, funded by his exceptionally outperforming stock trades
O'Neil becomes the youngest person to buy a seat on the New York Stock Exchange
The O'Neil Fund becomes the top-performing fund in the country after only 2 years
O'Neil invests an unheard of $2 million in R&D, showing a deep commitment to technology