“After many years, I've concluded that successful stock selection is 60 to 65% knowing every key fundamental fact about a company and its industry and 35 to 40% understanding chart and market action.”

Navigating a Volatile Market

The 1980s marked a decade of excess: big hair, bright colors, and bold attire. Everything was growing, including credit card limits, expense accounts, and megamerger-formed corporations. Technological advances took a quantum leap. The first personal computer was introduced in 1981, bringing the revolutionary technology that William O’Neil had touted in the 1960s into the mainstream. During this decade, William O’Neil + Company continued to expand our services, such as our Leaders and Laggards Large Cap Review, that helped our clients navigate this difficult investing period.

Launch of Investor’s Daily (later Investor’s Business Daily), a 20-page investment newspaper
Black Monday sees the S&P 500’s largest one-day drop in history, fueled by rumors of interest rate hikes
First edition of William O’Neil’s best-seller How to Make Money in Stocks is published, outlining his distinctive stock-picking method