“When it comes to the stock market, consensus thinking and conventional wisdom can be deadly.”

Innovation Drives the Market

Ten years into the new millennium and the pace of change wrought by technology and new innovations has only accelerated. This new chapter in William O’Neil + Company’s history is marked by an emphasis on in-depth research supported by the outperforming buy-and-sell recommendations afforded by our method. We added mobile applications, broadened our global reach with products for China, Hong Kong, and India, and continued to shift from print to digital delivery, allowing us to serve clients faster than ever before.

Brokerage service spun off into William O’Neil Securities, Incorporated to focus on building broker/dealer relationships with clients. William O’Neil + Company remains focused on providing institutional registered investment advisory services to clients.
Opening of offices in London and the establishment of William O’Neil India Private Ltd. further expand the Company’s global market reach
MarketSmith, Incorporated (replacing Daily Graphs, Inc. and DailyGraphs Online), a web-based investment research platform for individual investors, is launched
Introduction of PANARAY®, an institutional investment research platform that provides a unique visual display platform for our stock data and research offerings
Addition of AlphaScope®, a unique equity recommendation algorithm, to the Company’s portfolio management services
The establishment of William O’Neil + Company China Private Ltd. aims to bring our unique investment methodology to Asia
Addition of the China A Shares Focus List to the Global Focus List suite of services