“To know which way the market is going you must observe and analyze the major general market indexes daily. Don't ever ask anyone: "What do you think the market's going to do?" Learn to accurately read what the market is actually doing each day as it is doing it.”

Technology Goes Global

This decade began with one of the most dramatic stock market crashes in history, caused by the overvaluation of a number of tech and internet startups. But by 2003, technological innovation was again driving the market. When Apple introduced its iPod music player in October 2001, the country saw the first sign of a mobile revolution that would transform the way we communicate. At William O’Neil + Company, we continued to invest in technology and began exploring a more global perspective with our offerings as we saw businesses and economies become increasingly connected.

Publication of three more volumes of The Model Book of Greatest Stock Winners
WONDA® adds global market data from 71 developed, emerging, and frontier markets
Introduction of the Global Focus List of long and short stock recommendations, along with the expansion of William O’Neil + Company’s stock database into global markets