What We Do

A Proven Process – The O’Neil Methodology

For more than 60 years we have been perfecting our own unique method of stock analysis, the O’Neil Methodology (OM), which uncovers stocks with the most potential to generate alpha. In the 1960s, William J. O’Neil developed the OM based on his historical studies of past big stock winners. He saw certain characteristics and movements repeatedly emerge before stocks made their big price moves. He noted things like accelerating revenue and earnings growth, high relative strength, increasing trading volume, new products or management, and industry group strength. Those characteristics form the basis of the OM, which we still use to uncover stocks poised to make big moves to this day. Mr. O’Neil published his findings in several volumes of his Model Book of Greatest Stock Winners, which aggregates fact-based evidence on more than 1,000 winning stocks all the way back to the 1880s. Market cycle after market cycle, we see that the characteristics and movements of past winning stocks still define the big winners of today.

The OM blends fundamental, quantitative, and technical analysis with profile analysis that identifies stocks poised for outperformance.

A Blended Approach

Our proven method is focused on profile analysis, which looks for the stock traits and movements identified by historical precedent to signify a great opportunity. We then blend this with the relevant aspects of fundamental, quantitative, and technical analysis to produce buy and sell recommendations supported by a compelling story that you can use to defend your position and support your high-level strategy.

Before the opening bell rings each morning on the U.S. Exchanges, our research analysts, experts in the OM, are meeting to select stocks that deserve our clients’ immediate attention. Using a rigorous selection process dictated by the OM’s strict criteria, our analysts take a holistic view of global markets, focusing in on industries that are gaining strength and the stock ideas most likely to benefit from those trends. They integrate key technical indicators, again based on our exacting methodology, to fine-tune the timing of their recommendations, ensuring you capture the most alpha with every stock idea.