Equity Research

Added Insight from a Unique Perspective

The O’Neil Equity Research team scours our extensive database using our O’Neil Methodology (OM) to identify only the stocks best positioned to generate the most alpha. Stocks that best fit our rigorous methodology are added to our Focus List of formal buy recommendations.

Our O’Neil Equity Research team also produces a series of special reports on the most compelling equities of the moment. Our research reports examine the company’s growth story and fundamentals, analyze the company’s competitive space, and review recent events, all through our distinctive OM lens.

How does our research enhance your investing strategy?

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“We’re looking for companies that are changing existing business models. Our O’Neil Methodology tells us that future winners always have something new and different to offer.”
– Greg Jannetta, Chief Executive Officer



We examine the trends driving market movements by analyzing the competitive space of each of our equity initiations and tracking how that space is evolving.


Our equity initiations are designed to give you insight into the Company’s story and a look at its fundamentals, interwoven with our unique O’Neil perspective.