PANARAY® Helps You Focus on Generating Alpha

PANARAY® is designed to think like you do, using your unique investing style to cut through market noise and focus in on the best ideas. PANARAY’s visual display brings together all the relevant stock information you need to make smart investing decisions so you can discover alpha-generating ideas, analyze stocks efficiently, easily monitor your watch lists and portfolio, or make your team more productive and efficient. PANARAY is available for your desktop and iOS mobile device (download PANARAY Mobile from the iOS App Store), and user content is synced across platforms.

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Bringing the pieces together

The power of our Datagraph: it brings together all the information you’ll need to make smart investing decisions into one concise view.

Part of your process

Seamlessly integrate PANARAY into your routine with our vast database of global stock information, easily organized and filtered based on your investing needs.



Actionable ideas

“Data is just data until it’s brought together to create a whole picture. PANARAY fills in the missing pieces to bring the mosaic of fundamentals and technicals together, showing you how and when to act.”
– Cornelio Ash, Research Analyst, Director