“Remember this key historical fact: only one of every eight leaders in a bull market reasserts itself as a leader in the next or a future bull phase. Times change, and along with them economic and competitive conditions. And the market normally moves on to new leadership.”

A Roaring Bull Market Led by Technology

The 1990s turned out to be the longest U.S. economic expansion since the 1960s. Low unemployment, low interest and inflation rates, and the elimination of the federal budget deficit fed into a decade of rapid growth. The new “information superhighway” revolutionized the way we communicate and do business, and the “tech bubble” boosted U.S. markets to all-time highs. At William O’Neil + Company, we stayed ahead of the curve, leveraging the latest technological advances to make research and investing faster and more efficient.

Launch of William O’Neil Direct Access (WONDA®), an online data research platform for institutional investors
Daily Graphs, Inc. launches Daily Graphs Online, providing retail investors with institutional-quality stock information on their computers