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Uncovering China’s Best Offerings

Our Global Focus List – China A Shares is a curated list of stocks chosen by our equity analyst team using our unique O’Neil Methodology (OM), which combines fundamental, technical, and quantitative analysis to cut through market chaos and highlight names in China that are poised for outperformance.

How do we identify the best ideas in the rapidly-evolving Chinese market?

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Sean Li, Research Manager, William O'Neil China


“We scour the entire A shares universe in China to find investable companies that fit our proven methodology and that are worthy of your attention.”
– Sean Li, Research Manager

Shanghai Stock Exchange


Markets are changing constantly, so our dedicated China analysts are devoted to staying on top of the best names in the market.

Derek Higa, Senior Research Analyst, William O'Neil + Co.


Our China team is made up of experienced analysts who utilize the OM to ensure that you have a steady stream of ideas that can generate the most alpha for your portfolio.

China A Shares Performance

China A Share Focus List
CSI 300 Index
China A Share Focus List CSI 300 Index
83.03% -0.64% -39.6% -16.21% 9.61%
27.21% -5.2% -21.63% -11.38% 0.65%
Performance results do not represent actual trading and may not reflect the impact that material, economic, and market factors might have had on the investment-making process if actually managing client money. There is substantial speculative risk in most international stocks. Past performance is not necessarily an indication of future performance. Performance computations for the China A Shares Focus List reflect a time-weighted rate of return. All holdings are rebalanced to equal dollar amounts daily. Dividends are not considered in computations.

Percent gains and losses are calculated for all issues that remain on the “Buy Recommendations” at the end of the day. For issues that were added to “Buy Recommendations,” the basis used to calculate the percent change is the price noted when the issue appeared as a “Buy Recommendation” in the China A Shares Focus List Alerts. For issues that were removed, the selling price used to calculate the percent is the price noted when the issue appeared as “Removed” in the China A Shares Focus List Alerts. For more information, see our Legal disclosures here.